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The purpose of these general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “GTCU”) of the My Center Parcs space (hereinafter referred to as “MyCP”) is to provide a framework for access to MyCP, its functionalities and the terms of its use.


By choosing to access MyCP, you declare that you have read the present GTCU, understand their significance, and fully accept and agree to comply with them.


The present GTCU constitute an agreement between PV DISTRIBUTION, located at L’Artois, Espace Pont de Flandres, 11 rue de Cambrai, 75947 Paris Cedex 19, France, in the Paris Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under no. 314 283 326, and yourself.


If you refuse to be bound by the terms herein, you will not be granted access to MyCP and all its features.




The My Center Parcs Website is made available free of charge (excluding internet connection charges and computer equipment costs) for your personal use, subject to compliance with the conditions set-out herein. Your use of this Website implies your full and complete acceptance of these GTCU.


The term “My Center Parcs Website” refers to:,,,, and (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).


You may only use this Website if you are over 18 years old and able to sign legally binding contracts (use of this Website by minors is prohibited). You shall be held financially responsible for all personal use of the Website.

You may only use the Website to make bookings, purchases and any other actions detailed herein for legitimate purposes. The Website is intended specifically for the reservation of services ancillary to accommodation and no use or diversion of purpose is authorised, particularly for purposes contrary to individual rights or accepted standards of proper behaviour and public order, or that are likely to harm or threaten the safety of individuals.

In the event of failure to respect these principles, we reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to restrict or prohibit access to all or part of the Website and to do so without prejudice to any damages. Any incomplete or incorrect data may also be subject to deletion at any time.



If you use the online booking service established on the Website, please ensure that you are aware of our
General and Specific Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Through our intermediary, you may receive offers from partner companies, or be directly notified of these offers by PV Distribution, acting as much in its name and on its behalf as on behalf of any company or group of companies for which Pierre & Vacances SA or its proxies, directly or indirectly, hold or will hold at least 50% of capital and/or of voting rights under the terms of the provisions of Article L. 233-1 of the French Code of Commerce, as well as any company or group of companies in which Pierre & Vacances SA or its proxies directly or indirectly hold shares in capital under the terms of L. 233-2 of the French Code of Commerce, provided that they benefit from the services rendered by the service providers for the execution of this contract (hereinafter referred to as the “PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group”).



In order to benefit from all the services, you acknowledge having the necessary equipment and internet connection to access the internet. The corresponding fees remain exclusively at your charge.

4.1. Web Services


Access and use of the services provided by PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group entities may require additional information. Some information, indicated by an asterisk, is mandatory. Failure to provide this information will mean your request cannot be taken into account.


Some services may also be subject to additional conditions indicated upon subscription.


You are solely responsible for the information and content that you communicate via our services and you guarantee their veracity and ensure that they are up-to-date.





Web services include, among other services, MyCP.


5.1. “My Account” Customer Portal


Access to this service is exclusively reserved for registered users. A valid email address is required to access this service.

(1)    I already have an account


If you are a customer who has booked a stay on the Center Parcs website, simply:

-          enter the email address with which you created your account when you booked your stay,

-          as well as your password.

If you would like to reset your password, click on “Forgotten password”. An email containing a temporary password will be sent to the email address provided. You can change it in your customer portal.


(2)    I have a booking, but I don’t have an account yet


a.       If you are a customer who has booked a stay over the phone with our Call Centre, you need to enter an email address via which you can be contacted. You will then need to create a MyCP account as detailed below.


To create your MyCP account, you must first complete the account creation form by filling in your email address.

We will confirm that your MyCP account creation form has been received by sending you an email to the address indicated in said form. A link will then be provided, enabling you to choose a password. Once your password has been registered, your MyCP account will be created.

The email address you provided on the account creation form together with your password comprise your login details, which will give you access to your MyCP portal at each connection.

Upon creation of your MyCP account, you will be asked to complete your profile by filling in, at the very least, the following details:

-              Your surname, first name and title

-              Your postcode and town/city

-              Your preferred language

-              Your date of birth


Details marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.


You may also decide to further personalise your MyCP account by completing the following details:

-              Your full address

-              Your telephone number

-              Your family status (number of children)


In the event that the email address provided is associated with a previous booking, some of your personal details may already be filled in. 

Other additional details may be requested in order for you to access and use certain specific services available via MyCP.


b.       If you are a customer who has booked a stay through a tour operator, travel agency or Works Council (hereinafter referred to as “indirect customers”)


Your MyCP account will only be available during your stay.

To create your MyCP account, you must first enter your name and booking number on the Website, in the “I have a booking, but not yet an account” section, followed by the “I booked through a partner site” button. To access your personal MyCP portal, you will need to enter the following information:

-          Your surname;

-          Your booking number;


-          Your cottage number;

-          Your Center Parcs wristband number, if you are staying in a digital-friendly domain.





5.2. MyCP Portal

The MyCP account is only open to customers of the Center Parcs and/or Villages Nature Paris resorts (outside the United Kingdom) that are owned by the PIERRE ET VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group, provided that, upon registration, they provide the number of their last booking or of a current booking.

The MyCP account allows all “direct customers” (i.e. all natural or legal persons who have booked a stay with Center Parcs (via the Center Parcs website, directly at Center Parcs Villages or via the Call Center, excluding customers who have booked through tour operators, travel agencies or Works Councils and excluding owners) of the Center Parcs brand to:

-          access practical information about your destination and benefit from advantages during your stay in one of the Center Parcs Villages (excluding the United Kingdom) and Villages Nature Paris all year round in accordance with your destination;

-          share information about your stay with your travelling companions;

-          book accommodation-related services (such as beds made on arrival, WiFi access, bath towels, bikes, meals, etc.) prior to your stay, once you have logged in, hereinafter “Optional Services” or “Services”;

-          book prior to and during your stay sports or leisure activities to enjoy during your stay, hereinafter “Activities”;

-          pay the outstanding balance on your initial booking prior to your stay;

-          consult your booking details, once you have logged in;

-          check-in prior to arrival;

-          modify, add or delete personal data in order to update your profile and benefit from the most suitable services;

-          customise your account by completing your profile to receive more personalised information and offers;

-          view your booking history over the last three years;

-          manage and monitor your newsletter subscriptions and the commercial offers you receive from the various entities of the PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group.


The MyCP account allows all “indirect customers” of the Center Parcs brand to:

-          access practical information about your destination and benefit from advantages during your stay in one of the Center Parcs Villages (excluding the United Kingdom) and Villages Nature Paris all year round in accordance with your destination;

-          book prior to and during your stay sports or leisure activities to enjoy during your stay, hereinafter “Activities”;

-          access your booking details during your stay, once you have logged in.


Data collected and handled when using the Center Parcs mobile app will also be available via your customer portal on the Website.



If you are a direct customer, the Website enables you to add one or more Optional Services to your initial booking prior to or during your stay. You can thus easily complete your stay by booking Optional Services up to one hour before your arrival, subject to availability.

Under the same conditions, the Website enables you to book Activities, prior to and during your stay.

If you are an indirect customer, you are also subject to the above terms and conditions, with the exception that you can only book your Optional Services and/or Activities during your stay.


The booking of an Optional Service or Activity is only possible if you have already booked your cottage. Once you have logged in, you will be able to add one or more Optional Service(s) to your accommodation and/or book one or more Activity(ies), by going to the “MY VILLAGE” section.

How to book an Optional Service before my stay if I am a direct customer

Once in “MY VILLAGE”:


1.       Click on “SERVICE”;

2.       Choose one of the following tabs: “OPTIONS”, “SERVICES” or “PREFERENCE”;

3.       Click on the desired Service;

4.       Fill in the required information;

5.       Add to basket;


7.       To finalise your order, tick the box to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as the “GTCS”);

8.       Once your order has been finalised, select your method of payment;

9.       Add your payment details;

10.   Confirm the payment;

11.   Once the payment has been confirmed, a pop-up will acknowledge receipt.

It is possible to book an Optional Service via the Website from the moment that the booking for your stay is confirmed right up until three days before arrival, subject to availability.

How to book an Activity prior to or during my stay

Once in “MY STAY”: 

1.       Click on “ACTIVITY” in order to view the Activities available;

2.       Click on the desired Activity;

3.       Click on “BOOK” ;

4.       Fill in the required information;

5.       Add to basket;


7.       To finalise your order, tick the box to accept the GTCS;

8.       Once your order has been finalised, select your method of payment;

9.       Add your payment details;

10.   Confirm the payment;

11.   Once the payment has been confirmed, a pop-up will acknowledge receipt.

It is possible to book an Activity via the Website prior to or during your stay up until 15 minutes before the Activity is due to start, subject to availability.


Payment for the Optional Service(s) and/or the supplementary Activity(ies) will be required at the time of booking via the Website.

Methods of payment: bookings made via the Website can be paid for using a bank card or PAYPAL.


Once payment for the Optional Service(s) has been confirmed, the PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group will send you an email confirming the modification of your initial booking. The PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group’s commitment becomes definitive once the booking confirmation is sent.

Changes made to your initial booking can be consulted in the “MY STAY” section of the Website when signed in by clicking on “MY BOOKING”, as well as in your personal portal.

For Activities, the Website will generate a digital ticket that can be retrieved at any time in the “MY STAY” section by clicking on “MY TICKETS”. The ticket must be presented in order to participate in the Activity(ies).

5.4.3 PRICES

Prices charged for Optional Services and Activities are based on economic data available at the time they are set. Changes in applicable regulations may imply price modifications for the aforementioned Services.


Modifications and cancellations are not possible via the Website. Any requests must be made:

-          either to the booking centre on +33 (0)891701600 (€0.25 incl. VAT/min) for Optional Services or Activities;

-          or at Village reception for Activities.


The modification and cancellation terms applicable to any Optional Service booked through the App are identical to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) applicable at the time of initial booking. The GTCS were made available to you and were accepted by you when you made your initial booking. They can be viewed at any time on the PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group Websites.

While it is not our intention to reproduce the GTCS herein (already accepted during the initial booking phase), we wish to highlight the following points:

-          no modification requests will be considered if they are not submitted before the third day preceding your arrival;

-          a cancellation fee may be incurred;

-          failure to take up any booked or invoiced Optional Services will not give rise to any refunds.


No requests to modify or cancel booked Activities can be guaranteed. Activities booked via the Website cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. As such, requests for modification will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the booking centre or on site, by Village reception, and depending on availability and the applicable terms of third-party service providers.




6.1. Website content and services

PV DISTRIBUTION is committed to carefully ensuring the veracity of information contained on the Website, and its services, particularly concerning product specifications and prices, and to updating the Website regularly. However, inaccurate information or omissions may occur, in particular due to typos and formatting errors. If you notice any errors, you are welcome to let us know so that we can make any necessary corrections.


PV DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to modify any elements of the Website at its own discretion. Within the framework of its Website updating and optimisation policy, PV DISTRIBUTION can choose to modify the present conditions.


All dated information published on the Website is valid only for the date given. Accordingly, PV DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to end any of its offers featured on the Website without prior notice.


Furthermore, offers of information, products or services made on the Website do not constitute lobbying or soliciting on the part of PV DISTRIBUTION to anyone in view of their use in geographical regions where the supply of the aforementioned information, products and services is prohibited by law.


6.2. Availability of the Website and services


PV DISTRIBUTION cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Website or the total absence of errors. Service may be interrupted during maintenance and repair work, or following IT problems, disrupted internet services, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Similarly, PV DISTRIBUTION is not responsible for any delays, difficulty of use or incompatibility between the Website and files, your browser or any other program used to access the Website.


6.3. Communication network security


In addition, we point out that the PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group will not be held liable for any voluntary or involuntary interception by a third party of any message and/or information exchanged by a User via the internet or other unsecured communication networks (and in particular due to the non-securing of domestic networks).


PV DISTRIBUTION will in no way whatsoever be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from, or consecutive to, the diffusion by a third party of a virus via the intermediary of our Website and services, and likely to infect your computer system following connection to, use of or browsing of the Website. Similarly, PV DISTRIBUTION will not be held responsible for material or accessory damages (including, but not limited to, technical defects, disclosing of confidential documents, loss of data), nor for any other indirect damage whatsoever occurring upon, or linked to, a connection and/or use of the Website and/or any services.


6.4. Confidentiality of login details and access codes


Access to and/or use of some services is likely to be subject to an authentication procedure. The login details, made up of a username and a password, are strictly personal, non-transferable and confidential. The PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group and its employees will not be held responsible for your communication of these login details to third parties. You remain solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of these login details; any activity regarding a service or a website by means of your login details will be deemed carried out by you.


You undertake to inform us of any fraudulent use of your login details should you become aware of such, and to provide all the necessary information in order to resolve the issue or presumed wrongful act.


We reserve the right to interrupt or delete, without prior notice or formality and without giving rise to compensation for any prejudice, particularly loss of profit, activity or opportunity, any login details or access to websites or services in the event of strong suspicion of improper use or misuse of your login details or suspicious activity.


The PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group undertakes to rapidly inform you of events likely to breach the integrity or the confidentiality of your data and to indicate to you any information that may enable, or contribute, to resolving the situation.



All content appearing on the Website belongs to PV DISTRIBUTION and is protected by copyright, trademark and database protection rights as well as any other intellectual property rights.


You may retrieve and display the Website’s content on a computer screen, print individual pages on paper and save these pages digitally on a disk (but not on a server or a peripheral device connected to a network) for your personal use only (within your family circle) and not for commercial use. Any reproduction, modification, copying, distribution or commercial use of all or part of the content without PV DISTRIBUTION’s prior written consent is strictly prohibited.


The present conditions do not grant you any licence to use the brands, logos or photographs of PV DISTRIBUTION subsidiaries, including, but not limited to: PIERRE & VACANCES, CENTER PARCS, MAEVA, ADAGIO, VILLAGES NATURE PARIS, etc.




Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 relative to the protection of personal data, you are entitled to request of the data handling manager, access to your personal data, and its rectification or deletion (right to be forgotten), or limitation of its use, as well as having a right to data portability.

For reasons relating to your specific situation, you may also oppose the handling of your personal data.


For data indicated as non-mandatory, which you have agreed to provide and allowed to be handled, you may withdraw your consent at any time: the withdrawal of consent does not have a retroactive effect on the legality of handling carried out on this basis, prior to said withdrawal. You have the same rights, under the same conditions, for data indicated as mandatory upon collection and for which you have authorised the handling for purposes other than the execution of the contract in which you are a party or for the execution of pre-contractual measures taken at your request. It will be handled, depending on the case, solely for the purposes of the execution of the contract or in the other cases provided for or authorised by law.


You may also have additional rights provided for by your national legislation, such as the definition of directives relative to the conservation, deletion and communication of your personal data after your death.


Concerning cold-calling, you have the right to specifically block these calls by registering yourself on the BLOCTEL list in France. You also have the right to oppose all commercial advertising by registering yourself on the ROBINSON list, within the limits of its scope.


To exercise your rights, you can contact customer services at the company with which you originally dealt:

-          by letter addressed to the company’s head office, as mentioned in the section “Legal Notice”, or

-          by using the following form:


The PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group has a Data Protection Officer whom you may contact in the event of any difficulties encountered, by letter at PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS, L’Artois, Espace Pont de Flandres, 9 rue de Cambrai, 75947 Paris Cedex 19, France.


For the rapid handling of your request, please provide your surname, first name, address and customer number and/or your reference/booking number. A copy of a valid identity document (ideally Identity Card, Passport, Resident’s Permit, to be communicated strictly by post for security reasons) is likely to be requested of you.


You are also entitled to present a claim to the CNIL [French National Commission for IT and Civil Liberties] ( or the Supervisory Body for your place of residence.

For more information about personal data handling, please visit our page “Personal Data and Cookies”.




9.1. Definition

When you use the Website, a permanent “cookie” (small text file) will be sent to you and stored in your device’s memory. The cookie is used to identify you when you access the Website, making it easier to use and customise your visit.

9.2. Specific use for mobile applications

Within the framework of mobile apps, we also collect technical information relative to your device every time you connect to the Website. This information includes your IP address, operating system used, type of browser and source website address, if there is one. We collect this information to improve the quality of your user experience when you visit our Website, and we will not sell or transfer this information to third parties.

We use GOOGLE ANALYTICS, an online audience analysis tool, that provides data and tracking services on what customers are doing on our Website. When you use the Website, we use cookies to track and collect anonymous information about your search activity. GOOGLE ANALYTICS helps us to improve your online experience and make our tools easier to use. PV DISTRIBUTION will never use GOOGLE ANALYTICS to collect personal information about you, and the data collected is never linked to your user profile.

9.3. Disabling cookies

For more information about the cookies used and how you may oppose their use, please visit our “Personal Data and Cookies” page. The operation of the Website remains the same and all its features are accessible should mobile cookies be disabled.




The creation of hypertext links to the website is subject to prior written consent from PV DISTRIBUTION.



These conditions are governed by, and interpreted according to, French law.


The GTCU are translated into six languages. In the event of problems with their interpretation or contradiction, the French GTCU represent the authoritative version.



Any assignation or other transfer of rights conferred by these conditions is strictly prohibited. However, PV DISTRIBUTION is authorised to assign, transfer or dispose of all or part of these rights and obligations as part of the GTCU to any French company over which Pierre & Vacances SA, in the Paris Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under no. 316.580.869, exercises control (the notion of control being relevant as long as PIERRE & VACANCES SA directly or indirectly holds at least 50% of the subsidiary’s share capital), as well as following a merger, split, partial contribution of assets or the total/partial sale of its business capital, and this, notwithstanding any intellectual property right clause that would oppose it.


If, for whatever reason, a court having jurisdiction considers any one of these conditions to be invalid, the invalidity of the condition in question will in no way affect the validity of the remaining conditions, which shall remain in effect.


Failure by either party to exercise a right or take legal action as specified in the terms of these conditions shall not be considered as renouncing a particular right or a particular action.


This Website is published by


A limited company with capital of €6,055,935.00,

with registered offices at l’Artois, Espace Pont de Flandres, 11 rue de Cambrai, 75947 Paris Cedex 19, France,

identified in the Paris Trade and Company register under number 314 283 326,

with the travel and holiday operators’ registration number IMO75110024.

Intracommunity VAT identification number: FR 96 314 283 326.




For all enquiries, please refer to our FAQ or contact us. Please keep in mind, however, that any messages you send us over the internet can be intercepted on the network. Their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed until they have reached us.


If you wish to contact the PIERRE & VACANCES-CENTER PARCS Group for anything you may need during your stay at Center Parcs, please call the following non-taxable number: +33 (0)173275591. PV Distribution can be reached at this number from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm and on public holidays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Our on-site teams are at your disposal during your stay to respond to your complaints, resolve any problems you may have and ensure you enjoy your holiday to the full. Simply contact them with any requests you may have. After your holiday, any claim should be made:

- in writing, by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, to: PV Distribution, Service Relations Clientèle APS, 11 rue de Cambrai, 75947 Paris Cedex 19, France, or

-  by a request sent via the relevant section online:,

within six months of the end of your holiday, so that we can deal with it as quickly as possible. We invite you to send us your claims as soon as possible so that we can process your request to the best of your interests. We kindly ask you to specify in your letter the name of the person who made the booking, your booking number, the name of your resort, the places and dates of your stay, and the amount and type of accommodation booked to facilitate the processing of your claim. Please also enclose all relative documentary evidence to enable us to process your claim as quickly as possible.

We hereby inform you that following a previously unsuccessful attempt to resolve a dispute filed in writing by our Customer Relations service, you have the possibility to request a mediation process by contacting the Tourism and Travel Mediator at the following address: MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage, BP 80 303, 75823 Paris Cedex 17, France -


In compliance with Article 16 of the decree of 20 December 2017, the vendor or the retailer must provide assistance if the traveller finds themselves in difficulty. In order to process your request, you may request the aforementioned assistance, under the terms of Article L.211-17-1 of the French Code of Tourism, by sending a request via the relevant section online: or by sending a letter to the Customer Relations service (at the aforementioned address).






Notwithstanding any formal acceptance on your part, your access to or use of the Website (whether you are a registered user or not) implies your express and unconditional acceptance of the GTCU herein.


If you access or use the Website in a professional capacity, you must ensure that you have all the necessary rights, authorisations and powers to accept the GTCU on behalf of the entity for which you are using or accessing the Website and/or creating an account according to the terms specified upon access to the service.


We reserve the right to update the present GTCU at any time, particularly when introducing new services or features, applicable at the time of entry into effect mentioned in the header. We therefore invite you to consult them regularly.